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Getting involved
  • Get creative and enjoy making something angel-shaped for your front windows

  • Spread the love! Tell your colleagues, local schools, neighbours and friends

  • Fill Instagram with angels as you spot them around the town

  • Tell us on Facebook about your favourite angel-related carols

  • Follow the Angel Trail (see the Angel Trail page!)

  • Eat Angel Delight for a month to get in the mood!

  • Crochet an angel and give it to a neighbour for their Christmas tree

  • Be an angel and do something good for someone in need

  • Help decorate some of the large angel wings in your area

  • Visit some of the many angels carved in the ceilings of our Suffolk churches (see

  • Practice your carol-singing in the shower and quickly learn to play the harp

  • Forget gingerbread men, get baking Christmas angels for all your loved ones

  • Visit the angels at Trees@The Tower (at St Mary Le Tower)

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